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    D Gorchess

    When I placed a backorder bid on a domain the starting bid was $69.00. A couple of days ago I look to see the highest bid for that backorder domain and suddenly I see this:


    "Your backorder bid is below the required minimum bid amount. Please increase your bid to be included in the auction."


    Now, the minimum bid is over $2600.00. How did I get knocked out of a private bidding that hasn't even come up yet that I've been in for a while now? Looks like dirty business.

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    NameJet Support

    This can happen if the domain was on backorder (with a default minimum of $69, if the domain had not yet been scheduled for auction and a minimum bid had not been specified). 

    Once the domain is listed, the minimum bid is specified in the auction listing details. 

    You can find more details on the minimum bid auction process here:

    If this general information does not sufficiently answer your questions, please submit a help request from within your account, and include the domain name so that we can provide you with the details specific to this auction. 


    NameJet Support

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